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Acer Advantage 5-year OSS NBD NB (SV.WNBAP.A11)

  • Ref. fabricante SV.WNBAP.A11
  • Ref. Bechtle 4109911-12
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Tipo de producto: Opción de garantía  Descripción detallada
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Ana Mata de los Reyes, gestor de productos de Bechtle
Ana Mata de los Reyes
Product Manager
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Acer Advantage 5-year on-site service NBD (incl. year ITW1*)

Warranty extension for Acer TravelMate & Extensa notebooks with on-site service for optimisation of system availability to 5 years from purchasing date of notebook. Extension must be registered within 365 days of purchasing date.

On-site NBD

The Acer Advantage Virtual Booklet (warranty extension available in PDF format)

*The ITW (International Travel Warranty) covers necessary service abroad during stays of up to 3 months, as long as the country in question is not your permanent residence. This means you can have a device purchased in your home country repaired in another Acer-supported country as long has you have not stayed in the foreign country for longer than 3 months.

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    Tipo de producto:Opción de garantía
    Garantía del fabricante: 5 años de servicio a domicilio (para más información visite el sitio web del fabricante)

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